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■ Introduction

The Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) is an Optical technology for monitoring specific binding events between two or more bio-molecules without the use of labels. K-MAC's Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) series detect the refractive index and thickness change at liquid/solid or gas/solids interface. It detects the specific biding of unlabeled bio-molecules onto molecules attached to chemically modified gold thin films by measuring changes in the index of refraction. This instrument is applicable to real-time monitoring of cersatile biochemical phenomena in nano-scale, and precise in situ optical characterization of organic thin film.

■ Major Applications

In-site SAM Formation Analysis
● Real-time Monitoring of SAM Formation
● Optical Characterization of SAM(determination of n,k, d of layer
● Protein and DNA Linker Characterization
Functional Analysis of Biomolecular Interaction
● DNA Immobilization & Hybridization Monitoring
● Real-time Monitoring of Biomolecule Interaction on Recognition Interface
● Proteomics : Target Identification, Ligand Fishing, Identify Binding Pareners
Organic Thin Film Chracterization
● Surface Chemistry
● Nano-level Research in Supramolecular Chemistry
● Polymer Chemistry
Food or water Quality Analysis
● Quality control, Process control
● Monitofing of Microorganism in Water

SPR micro SPR i Bio chip Accessory